Step1. kindly visit this​​​ below to create a pinterest app

Step 2. Input the name of your app and the description of the app and click save.

Step 3. below is your pinterest App ID and App secret, kindly scroll down to web to input the following details

site url:

redirect url: ​

then click save

Step 4. Navigate back to your pinterest account and click on your username to create a board.

Step 5. To create a board kindly click on the add icon, and select board.

Step 6. Navigate back to your list grow account and click on the blue and white icon at the top right corner of your dashboard and select profile.

Step 7. select integrations to navigate to the page below, and select pinterest as highlighted.

Step 8. You will be required to fill in your App ID and App Secret on your list grow text box.

finally, click on okay to authorize leads grow.

Congratulation! You have successfully integrated list grow to your pinterest account.

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